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Resident Held Boards & Committees

Throughout the years, residents and supervisors alike, created the below unique boards or committees to oversee some unique portions of our Township. These are held by resident volunteers.

Recreation Board

The Recreation Board ensures the health & longevity of our Recreation Park located at 1275 Huntsville Road, Jackson Township.

Board Members:
Jerry Palmaioli, Chairman
Dr. Todd Paczewski, Vice Chairman
Chris Chapple, Treasurer
Brooke Troxell, Secretary
John Baum
Mick Kashinicki, Jr.
Allison Swindell
Rob Roland, Alternate

Agricultural Security Act Advisory Board

Board Members:
Al Fox, Chairman
David Roskos, Vice Chairman
Williams Evans, Jr.
Mark Manzoni
Duncan Macmullan
George Manzoni
Chet Mozloom
Joe Stager
Bob Tambur

State Correctional Institution at Dallas Citizen’s Advisory Committee

Board Members:
Matt Malcolm, Chairman
Jerry Palmaioli, Vice Chairman
John Jay Wilkes, Jr., Supervisor-Chairman
Vince Mooney, Public Member
Gerald E. Williams, Chief of Police

American Asphalt Citizen’s Advisory Committee

Board Members:
Robert Kush, Public Member, Vista Drive
Len Martin, Public Member, Cobblestone Drive
Al Fox, Supervisor