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Road Department


John Jay Wilkes Jr., Roadmaster
Tim Bernick, Assistant Roadmaster
Thomas Ketchner
Timothy Rismondo


John Jay Wilkes Jr., Roadmaster
Telephone: 570.675.8371 extension 2
Fax: 570.675.1590

Township Roads

Jackson Township takes care of most roads within the Township, however, there are a few that are state or county owed. Its important to know who to contact when there is a problem. Below you will find a list of roadways within Jackson Township that are not maintained by us. Please report any issues to PennDOT or Luzerne County directly regarding these roadways.

State Owned Roads:
Chase Road (from State Route 29 to Chase Corners)
Huntsville Road
State Route 29

PennDOT Contact: 1-800-FIX-ROAD (7623) or visiting and clicking on “Submit Roadway Feedback.” 

County Owned Roads:
Chase Road (from Hillside Road to Chase Corners)
Follies Road
Hillside Road

Luzerne County Contact: Road and Bridge Department at 570-825-1604 or email with as much information as possible about the issue.